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Goodbye to Allo: Google confirms it will shutter its short-lived messaging app BGR.
Until, that is, Google changes course on the messaging front yet again down the line. UPDATE: Google confirmed the Allo shutdown in a company blog post late Monday, noting that it would continue working through March 2019. Given Android Messages continued momentum, writes Google vice president of consumer communications products Matt Klainer, weve decided to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages.
It's' official: Google is shutting down Allo by March 2019 Android Central.
Google Allo will soon see the end of its short life, according to 9 to 5 Google who has received a tip from a source familiar with the matter. Allo was designed as the next big thing in Android messaging apps, though it never lived up to its potential.
Google changes its messaging strategy again: Goodbye to Allo, double down on RCS TechCrunch.
RCS isnt new, and Google has been pushing it for some time, but now the company is rebranding it as Chat and putting all its efforts into getting operators on board. The new strategy will see almost the entire Allo team switch to Android Messages, according to The Verge.
Google gives up on Google Allo, hopes carriers will sort out RCS messaging Ars Technica.
Google Allo was Google's' attempt at a WhatsApp clone, and it launched just a year-and-a-half ago with a laundry list of deficiencies. It used a phone-centric login system and didn't' support using a Google account. It only worked on one device at a time and didn't' have an interface for desktop or laptop computers.
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Google Allo Apps op Google Play.
Google Allo is een slimme berichten-app waarmee je meer kunt zeggen en doen. Laat beter zien wat je bedoelt met stickers, Smart Reply en ENORME emoji's' en tekst. In Allo vind je ook de Google Assistent. Meer informatie over hoe Allo omgaat met je gegevens.
Allo, goodbye: The craziest thing about Google's' latest messaging pivot Computerworld.
We've' got Allo, which is a standalone chat service that continues to exist for the moment, despite by all signs now being on life support and also Duo, a standalone video chat service launched alongside Allo that seems to be chugging along. There's' Google Voice, which seemed to be on life support itself until a sudden renewed commitment to it came up out of nowhere last year.
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The latest on Messages, Allo, Duo and Hangouts.
Were fully committed to supporting Hangouts users in the meantime. Were excited by the progress weve made with our communications experience over the past few years, and ready to take what weve learned from Allo and put it to work to make Messages even better.

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